• 1/21/20

    New songs of the Yat-Kha band are already online.

    We will tell you a little bit about very cool news - the Yat-Ha group is recording a new album! Two songs can already be heard right now. Listen on SoundCloud
  • 1/14/20

    First News 2020 - Yat Ha is also post-punk!

    But the editors of Slug Magazine believe that Yat-Ha is post-punk. Well, they certainly know better, then the editors. Whatever it was - the group got into the "10 POST-PUNK ALBUMS FROM THE 2010S THAT YOU’LL LOVE INTO 2020" Such are the first news this year. Link to the source.
  • 11/27/19

    Happy Birthday, Albert Kuvezin!

    On this wonderful day, we wish Happy Birthday to the Mighty Growling Heart of the YatKha group, its founder, a permanent leader, a person about whom they say that he, in addition to being the owner of a unique voice, is also the owner of  a unique feelings of the future in music, and he is the one who invented the "WorldMusic" style. We wish our amazing nomad for musical styles and harmonies even more new ideas and loyal fans around the world. And traditionally - the coolest mighty Siberian health!
  • 8/2/19

    Ura-Ura! We have announcements of performances in the fall of 2019

    Ura-Ura! We have announcements of performances in the fall of 2019: 02.10.19 Germany, Frankfurt/Main, The Cave rockclub 04.10.19 Germany, Oberhausen, AKA 103 cafe 05.10.19 Germany, Sommerda, Thuringen, Schloss Kannawurf 06.10.19 Germany, Berlin, Maschinenhaus Kulturbrauerei 07.10.19 Germany, Augsburg, Mittelstetter Muhle 09.10.19 Czech Republic, Prague, Palaс Akropolis 12.10.19 Poland, Poznan, Dragon Social Club 13.10.19 Poland, Wroclaw, Stary Klasztor pub
  • 2/25/19

    The tricks and secrets of touring life. Part 1 - culinary.

    And why do you think the performances of the Yat-Kha group are filled with such a powerful energy, where do the musicians get their strength from for this? One of the secrets - proper nutrition.   The Yat-Ha group takes such particles of Tuva on the road.   Tasty, useful, real Tuvinian food!

New video

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