• 8/4/15

    All goes to Kuraga!!!

    Do not forget to look on the 8th of August at Kuragino Art Festival Apricots 2015. Firstly there will be just cool, and secondly - at half past nine in the evening there will just be able to see, hear, touch our superetnofolkrokerov Yat-Kha firsthand. Wellcome !!! P / S / For those who just do love parties - the festival is held for two days - on the 8th and 9th of August. So, too, will be on the 9th of cool and interesting. Here is a link to the program of the festival (russian lang only) - Kuraga Art-Festoval
  • 7/7/15

    Announcements of the band's summer 2015.

    So, we have confirmed the dates on the band's summer 2015:   July 23, at 20.00 in London, but rather in a concert hall RichMix you see Albert Kuvezhin, Sholban Mongush and more will join them DJ Penny Metal. Should be interesting. More information can be found here - Yat-Kha and DJ Penny Metal Event at RichMix   July 24 at 20:15, the entire group can be seen at the festival Paleo in the Swiss city of Nyon. More information can be found here - Yat-Kha at Paleo.   July 25 at 3 am the group will delight all fans of unusual music festival FMM Sines in the Portuguese town...
  • 6/18/15

    Rest in peace Gennadiy Chamzirin (GenDos)

    Tears dim eyes, heart shrinks from depression.   Today in the town of Kyzyl died great musician and shaman, our true friend, a man with great and good heart, a soul that could embrace the world Gennady Chamzyryn (GenDos).   Go away to the World Above quietly Gene - your music will be with us always and your smile will remain forever in our hearts.
  • 4/20/15

    Happy Birthday to Sholban Mongush and Orlan Enzak!

    Today is the birthday have two wonderful people with whom in recent years, is inextricably linked group Yat-Kha in many ways. So, today Happy birthday of the sweetvoiced high note of the vocal part of Yat-Kha music Sholban Mongush, modest in appearance, but very important part of the group's success and the reason for fainting many impressionable group fans. And also, today, we heartly congratulate Happy Birthday tour manager of Yat-Kha group in Siberia, a good friend and an absolutely amazing positive person - Orlan Enzak. We wish health and success as much as the guys will be able to...
  • 2/15/15

    Happy Birthday, Eugene "Santa Rasputin" Tkachev!

    Today we wish Happy Birthday to the great soul and a big heart human, very strong and powerfull drummer, good fellow in general and in particular the very good musician Eugene Tkachev !!! We wish with all our hearts strong Siberian health and more new, creative and life successes and achievements. Let your sky will be clear and way will be straight and well! Hurray !!!

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