• 3/18/20

    Tour cancelled

    As you already know, the main recommendation for preventing coronovirus infection is to avoid crowds. And at our concerts there are always mass congestions, because you appreciate the fact that we play for you and everyone comes to our concerts. Thanks you! But, since, as expected, the concerts in Moscow and Yekaterinburg also moved indefinitely into the future, this whole, so long-awaited spring tour of the group in Russia, is canceled. We apologize and hope for an understanding of the situation. A positive note in the situation - now we have time to concentrate on recording a new...
  • 3/17/20

    Novokuznetsk gig cancelled.

    For obvious reasons, the band’s performance in Novokuznetsk on March 23 in the Governor’s Helikon Jazz Club is canceled. We hope to see you soon in the future. Do not be sick - listen more to Tuvan rock, the effectiveness of this genre of music in treating coronavirus has not yet been scientifically proven, but it will definitely add positive energy, which is very important for the prevention of infection!
  • 2/4/20

    Performances in Russia in the spring of 2020.

    We will announce the dates of performances in the spring:   March 22nd - Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, Art P.A.B., beginning at 20.00 March 23rd - Novokuznetsk, Governor's Helikon Jazz Club, beginning at 19.00 March 25 - Yekaterinburg, Center of Culture "Ural", the beginning is specified March 28th - Moscow, the club "Glass Zyuzino", beginning at 20.00   Get ready in advance - we are waiting for you at our concerts!
  • 1/21/20

    New songs of the Yat-Kha band are already online.

    We will tell you a little bit about very cool news - the Yat-Ha group is recording a new album! Two songs can already be heard right now. Listen on SoundCloud
  • 1/14/20

    First News 2020 - Yat Ha is also post-punk!

    But the editors of Slug Magazine believe that Yat-Ha is post-punk. Well, they certainly know better, then the editors. Whatever it was - the group got into the "10 POST-PUNK ALBUMS FROM THE 2010S THAT YOU’LL LOVE INTO 2020" Such are the first news this year. Link to the source.

New video

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