The new tea from the sibteaway company Yat-Ha TENGRI - all the power of Tuvan rock in that taste!


Now you have the opportunity not only to listen and hear your favorite band, but also to taste the full power of Tuvan rock in the new tea "Yat-Ha TENGRI" from


Yat-Ha - a philosophical ethno-hard, psycho-acoustic phenomenon, a cool blend of shakes from the best legends of rock,

Tao's delicate infinity and ethnic exotic throat overtones.

Yat-Ha is a bunch of positive energy encoded in sound.

Stylish music! Elements of style are measured out expertly precisely, as in TENGRI tea -

elements of a blend, a bit of mountain brutality, a pinch of steppe quantum quantum satis

noble aroma, calm strength and, like ultima ratio, a good portion of excellent taste.

Strong music needs strength (spirit & body) - take it in TENGRI tea.

In the YAT-HA timbre zone, TENGRI tea does not cool for a long time and becomes even tastier.

A sip of astringent vastness

bursts of genetic memory ...

Yat-HaTengri tea is a transcendental music experience.

Give it a try.

Tuva'rock Brews Cool!


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