• 12/30/11

    Happy New Year!

    Friends!The group "Yat-Kha" and the collective support of the site wishes you a Happy New Year!We wish you a New Year different rocker and pleasant to the ears and pockets of wealth, good health of the Siberian and good luck!Love the world and the world will respond to you with love!Thank you for being with us, thank you that you are listening to us, that you go to our shows and are communicating with us - You are a very important part of our work. Thank you!Prior to the meetings in the New Year!
  • 12/19/11

    The Organizing Committee Sergei Kuryokhin Award 2011 in the field of contemporary art, said that the musical project "Yat-Kha" was nominated for the Prize - in the "Ethno-Mechanics"

    The Organizing Committee Sergei Kuryokhin Award 2011 in the field of contemporary art, said that the musical project "Yat-Kha" was nominated for the Prize - in the "Ethno-Mechanics" December 22, 2011 at 19:00, at the Center for Contemporary Art named after Sergei Kuriokhin, will host an exhibition of nominees.The evening program - an exhibition of nominees, nominated for Sergei Kuryokhin2011, AES + F «Allegoria Sacra» (showing on the big screen), performances and meetings with authors.This year's award nominated work of 73 artists, musicians, actorsvarious art societies and...
  • 12/5/11

    More links on the new album "Live at The Stray Dog"

    An online service Bandcamp laid entirely new album for free download or listen to. The only thing you will need to download - is enter your email address. We guarantee that we will not use your address to any malicious or illegal purposes, it is only to compile statistics about how the album is spread. New album here: Yat-Kha - Live at The Stray Dog
  • 11/27/11

    Happy Birthday, Albert Kuvezin!

    Today is the birthday of the founder, the permanent leader and spiritual guru of the "Yat-Kha" Albert Kuvezhin.We wish Albert even more accomplishments and achievements in the name of world harmony, even more magical and wonderful sounds and ideas, yet more light and goodness.Congratulations!
  • 9/12/11

    Former soloist of Yat-Kha Aldyn-ool Sevek has passed away

    After long fight against cancer former soloist of Yat-Kha Aldyn-ool Sevek has passed away. He was great singer and musician as well as song-writer. He recorded with Yat-Kha two albums Dalai Beldiri and Aldyn Dashka where all his talents have appeared and done few tours in North America and Europe. Eternal Memory! R.I.P.
  • 8/12/11

    The band is preparing to release a new live album.

    According to the results of successful concert tours in this year band preparing to release a new live album "Alive in Stray Dog." On this disc includes some songs from latest album "Poets and Lighthouses," published in 2010. in England and is in the top line of European World Music Charts in early 2011. as well as old hits of the group, for example, Dyngylday, Amdy baryp, Come Along, and others, already beloved by fans. Special atmosphere of this concert gives the audience and the hall itself an art club "Stray Dog", which took place on this record. Now you can explore the contents...
  • 4/20/11


    The site launched guestbook. Now you are free to leave your messages, views, comments on the site and see the other visitors, and, of course, the group Yat-Kha.
  • 4/5/11

    Summer concerts

    Planning and preparing for summer concerts keep going.
  • 3/14/11

    Addition to the concert schedule

    Small addition to the concert schedule of the group within the Siberian Tour 2011 - 17.03.2011 live gig in Ulan-Ude, in the Club "LST 63". Awaiting for you at the concerts!
  • 2/15/11

    Happy Birthday, Opycham!

      Happy Birthday to the Yat-Kha and other magnificent projects drummer and percussionist, pulsing heart of modern Tuvan folk-rock Evgenii Tkachev! More loud drums and silent philosophy!
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